Network West Midlands is the name that connects all public transport in the region. This includes Birmingham, Dudley, Sandwell, Coventry, Walsall, Solihull and Wolverhampton. Collating data from various operators throughout the region, their aim is to provide up to date information for passengers.
Bus timetables are some of the most visited pages on the site but there's been little improvement to the user experience since the site launched.
Respond to users feedback collated by the customer relations team to improve the functionality and usability of bus timetables.
• Feedback from customer relation cases.
• Analysis of TfL, TfGM, Citymapper and Moovit's approaches
• Analysis of Google Analytics and Hotjar Data
Common User Issues
• Main stops/All stops toggle not immediately obvious
• Discrepancies between stop names & routes
• Confused by composite timetables
• User’s very rarely get to stage 3 (selecting start stop and then end stop)
Solutions to User Issues
• Timetable’s now combined with stop pages to replicate offline user journey
• All stops shown (toggle removed)
• Cleaned stop names
• Removal of composite timetables
• Link to stop pages
UI Design - High fidelity prototypes created using Adobe XD.
User Flow Diagram - There are three routes a user can take to get to a timetable.
Wireframes - Page structure was designed and tested using Axure.
Search Filter - Toggle between modes of transport and search for a bus service.
Card Results - Each service now has an individual card displayed in a dynamic grid.
Route Page - The full route is displayed with a button to change direction.
Stop Page - Now feature the same timetable information as on street bus stops.
Live Departure - Stop pages show live departure times and related services to that stop.
Search Page - Expanded view of the search page at full width.
Route Page - Expanded view of the route page at full width.
Stop Page - Expanded view of the stop page at full width