Centro, the transport authority for the West Midlands are planning to extend the tram network throughout the region. Before confirming any plans they consult local residents and businesses to gain feedback and make improvements. The brief was to provide three concepts, with one being developed and implemented across a wide range of materials both online and in print.​​​​​​​
I designed and arranged printing on a range of materials like 6 sheets, leaflets, banners, tote bags, coffee cups, pens, jackets and polo shirts. I also edited images for their website and social media channels to ensure a consistent style from print through to online.
6 Sheets - Displayed in sites around the proposed route.
Web Banner - Edited image used on the Centro website.
Leaflets - Providing event details and links to more info.
Social Media - Images used in posts about proposed new stops.
Banners - Used at events.
Tote Bag - Given out at events with the leaflet and pen inside.
Web Banner - Edited image used on the Centro website.
Coffee Cups - Given out to customers at events.